All these pictures have been put here as a mess - They are just for you to have an idea of what Taiwan can be... Enjoy the visit


This is "Cake", a Japanese capoeirista

That's me on the BO


Here is a model I shot on a show (she cannot dance capoeira!

Wang Yen-Nien, Grand Tai-Chi Master of the Yang Jia Tai-Chi-Chuen


My friend David Chung (National coach) in Taoyuan

My Friend and professor Yves Fontaine

Yeh Hsiao Tsai - Hero of Kung Fu series

Andy, a kickboard and extreme sports fan

Two young Japanese girls at a festival in Taipei

Tip-top technique (courtesy of YWF)

Mud contest in Taipei

Kung Fu? No: Street dance!

Kids plying in a public fountain

A clown at TAS campus

The drumming monks "U Theatre" (photo courtesy U-Theatre)

Shawn, Just before a fashion show

Street dance in Taipei-city

A Lancome's model...

This is Bilou, unchanged!

OOPS! Ote la reunion!

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