What really is Taiwan? Old timers tell you all about it!

Q & A


  • Taiwan is an island - and a free country.
  • The capital of Taiwan is Taipei.
  • Taiwanese people speak Mandarin Chinese (Mandarin is the standard, national Chinese language).
  • Mandarin is the same as spoken in Mainland China. Only accents and expressions are different.
  • A lot of Taiwanese can speak English (if only it were the same in our countries!).
  • There are 22 millions people in Taiwan with a gross national product of 12.500 US$ per head.
  • Chinese people are a melt of ancient Chinese tradition and modern concepts.
  • Chinese people in Taiwan are extremely nice.
  • Cities in Taiwan are rather ugly, but the island is beautiful; you just need to find the right guide to show you around.
  • The climate in Taiwan is tropical and humid. Very hot in the summer (over 35 C) and cool in winter (10~15 C).
  • It is easy to do business in Taiwan as long as you are a buyer.
  • The money unit is the NT$ (new Taiwan dollar). The value is about 1US$=32NT$.
  • Visitors from many countries do not need visa for stay under 30 days.
  • It is easy to get a tourist visa from most countries to Taiwan (more difficult is to get an ARC, or alien resident certificate).
  • Life in Taiwan is quite expensive (however, food is really cheap).
  • You can find almost everything you need in Taiwan, whether imported or locally made.


    • Taiwan is not Thailand (many people still do mix up)
    • Taiwan is located in the Pacific ocean, East of China and South of Japan.
    • There are NO more rickshaws. People here rather drive Mercedes Benz....
    • Chiang Kai Check is not the president, he died in 1975.
    • You should not come to Taiwan with preset ideas, it is different from anything you can imagine.
    • It is not easy to establish a local business (local market is very competitive).
    • Taiwanese people are not dumb, they just have a different culture, so take it or leave!



      • Taiwan (English guide published by the Community Service Center - Tel/Fax: 8862 - 2836 8134 & 2835 6907)
      • Bienvenue a Taiwan (French guide published by the French Association - Tel: 8862 - 2514 7959 Fax: 2514 7522)
      • Directory of Taiwan (English publication of the China News - Tel/Fax: 8862 - 2768 6002 & 2768 6773)
      • The Taiwan Guide (Lonely Planet)
      • Taiwan "Le Petit Fute" (guide in French).
      • The Taipei Gourmet Guide (English publication of Mon Jardin - Fax: 8862 - 2325 0489 - E-mail: 888@ettis.com)
      • LIFESTYLE Magazine - Free monthly publication of Mon Jardin in Chinese/Japanese/English - Available in public places islandwide (LIFE@ettis.com)
      • Culture Express (another publication of Mon Jardin that gives you all the month's events in Taipei