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KIDS will not only acquire martial arts skills

They'll also become healthier

Be more stable emotionally, and have more confidence and better behavior

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We guarantee professional coaching in both English and Chinese

And we offer classes for kids (5 to 8) and junior (9 to 15)



<< Great transformations in children >>

Children in the modern society should not only train their English ability but also their fitness. Only good health can lead to an ideal future. Whether for active kids or quiet children, boys or girls, Japanese martial arts can help them develop a strong mind, and keep a good balance of activity and stability. During my teaching years in Tianmu, I have seen many great changes in young children. For example, many five-year-olds cry all the time and at the beginning, their mother has to be nearby at all times; but after two months of training, they stop acting like spoilt kids and even remind their mother of the course schedule whenever they forget. Many teenagers around 12 and 13 have developed an outstanding mentality to respect traditions and responsibilities. The specificity of the course is its multi-national teaching environment, all the courses are taught in English, so the children can develop an international perspective.

YOSEIKAN BUDO has been established in Taiwan for nearly 10 years. After training in Japanese martial arts, many children from different nationalities who were selfish, self-willed and spoilt at the beginning have become strong, quiet, polite and good mannered. I believe a strong mind is necessary to face life's obstacles. Learning Japanese martial arts is a good way to develop a strong personality. Children will grow stronger, behave better, get in less trouble, be more disciplined and become happier. And, in the long run, they will grow to become successful and stable adults.

At the Yoseikan, classes are taught in English and Chinese, while technical terms are still in Japanese.

KIDS CLASSES  (5 to 8)

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Kids up to 3 year-old are developing their notions of balance and their individuality and are very flexible (bones are not formed yet), and self-centered.

In the 3 to 6 year-old range, kids are developing their movement skills and body control. They bones are very fragile. They also strengthen their own personality and have a need for group activities.

From 6 to puberty age, kids develop male/female specificities. From 6 to 8, they are hyperactive and start to have “heroic” behaviors, while around 9 they prefer group activities, are courageous and outgoing.

Regardless of age, kids will learn and improve a lot through martial arts. Among others they will:

  • Improve their balance and mobility
  • Discover their own physical abilities
  • Get control over obstacles and falls
  • Improve their understanding and their psychomotor synchronization
  • Control their aggressiveness
  • Learn group rules and respect of other
  • Become less sensitive to pain and discomfort
  • Gain self-confidence and learn discipline
  • Be able to show off their abilities
  • Gain motivation towards goal
COURSE CONTENTS: (Our classes include complete workouts)


  • Warm-up and stretching
  • Muscular workout and stamina building
  • Basic punching
  • Basic kicking
  • Tumbling exercises
  • Educative games


  • Dual work
  • Basic throws
  • Light sparring
  • Basic acrobatics


JUNIOR classes are for the age range 8 to 15. They of course include all of the above, but are much more demanding physically. They are split into two groups: beginners and advanced. Additionally, the class include less games and more technical content. Juniors are registered with the YWF and can participate in local competitions organized twice a year.

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