Here is what people say after training in our facilities, some for a few days, some for years...It speaks for itself (we have removed the last names to preserve the privacy of these former students)


Dear Sir,
Thanks for letting me workout at your dojo. I had a great time and really enjoyed seeing the way everything is done in Taiwan Yoseikan. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming, so I felt very comfortable working out there.
Next time I am in Taiwan I will definitely stop by again.
Thanks again.
-Adam – (USA)


My two sons have thrown themselves into boxing...The name of Godfrey Zwygart comes back often in family discussions. Tell him that he had an everlasting impression on my two sons. He really was a fantastic professor; he had broad knowledge and taught many different things and techniques, and he really had a passion for budo and teaching us...
Ernesto – (Switzerland)


Hello sensei,
This is Daniel D…. I am that Canadian guy who took your Budo class a few years ago. I want to start out by apologizing for not contacting you sooner. Well, better late than never I suppose…I am now a teacher here in Canada and I train in Muay Thai with my friends from Thailand. Although I trained with you for a rather short time, I really enjoyed Budo. I wish I could be there now. I hope to return someday, and for a long time. Please accept my apology, and I hope to hear from you. If you like I can email you some cool photos of Budo, a little old though.
Daniel – (Canada)


Hey Godfrey,
The new dojo looks great. I moved to Singapore at the beginning of the year, hence my disappearance from your class. Thanks for all your guidance and help, and the opportunity to train with some great guys. I really enjoyed your tuition, and the feeling and environment in which you conducted your classes.
I hope your new dojo proves successful.
All the best.
Ben (Australia)


As it is my last day in Taiwan today, a short mail to say thank you for the experience of the past months and it has been a pleasure working out with you. I would like to wish you all the best for the future in whatever you do. 
Maurice (UK)

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