TRADITIONAL BUDO involves both bare hand and weapons techniques. Bare hand techniques come from Aiki-Jujitsu and weapons techniques come from samurai arts and Katori Shinto Ryu.




This work is part of our weekly budo class. It involves mostly throws, locks, some atemis, as well as grappling and floor work. It is suitable to adults of any age in good shape. It is also a very good approach to self-defense. It is very technical and requires patience.

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At the Yoseikan, we use all kinds of weapons normally found in diverse disciplines

Kobudo includes weapons such as short and long sticks, spear, tanto, tonfa, sai, and naguinata.
Kobudo techniques and katas of the Yoseikan are inherited from the Katori Shinto Ryu school.

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Kenjutsu consists of single sword and twin swords techniques. It includes work with boken and foam padded weapons of various lengths. The modern, competitive form involves a lot of sparring in which the main differences with Kendo is that we do not wear Kendo's heavy protective gear, and that we are allowed atemis and throws during the fight. 



Kyujutsu & Bajutsu

With Iaido, these are the most traditional disciplines of the Yoseikan.
Kyujutsu is archery with a short Mongolian bow, and Bajutsu is a horse-riding martial art that involves archery, javelin, sword and naguinata. In Taiwan, we occasionally do Kyujutsu at our dojo, but have no chance to practice Bajutsu, because it entices trained horses and large open space for riding.




(Japanese sword)

Yoseikan Iaido draws its style from the Katori Shinto Ryu and Kashima Shin Ryu, two very old major schools in Japan.

Iaido is a Zen art.

Zen and other inner arts mostly originated in India, China and Japan. They have different names, such as Yoga, Zen, Qikong Taiqi and Iaido. They also have different types of practice including meditation and exercise. But all these forms have many things in common and all lead towards the same path of relaxation and de-stressing. Their shared ultimate goal is strengthening the mind and body and finding inner peace.


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Iaido is the most fascinating of all martial arts.

Although the art may seem obsolete in this time of nuclear weaponry, there is much more to it than just cutting air with a Japanese sword. Iaido began with the Katori Shinto Ryu, a 16th century school that included the use of many weapons from sword to sticks, and emphasized the fast draw and instant use of the sword, whereas moves called "katas" are repeated incessantly for years until perfect mastery of the technique.

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